Sunday, October 16, 2011

Peek into Preschool

Preschool is so much fun. The best thing about little kids is that they are happy playing with simple homemade toys!! This therapy tool just uses things found in your house!

All you need is a muffin tin and some laundry detergent lids.  Fill the tins with miniature objects and then make Boardmaker symbols for each one. There are tons of ways to use this for both articulation and language. When I take it to preschool I can make it work for my everyone I see that day!! Something about 'finding' and item is just way more fun! 

Here are a few ideas for some varying skill levels.

When you hide items try to make them work for everyone you will use it with. This student was working on bilabial sounds (apple, pig). Another student was working on categories (fruit, animals). 

PLAY! With whatever they find in the tins!
Open a lid, match the object to the picture. 
Identify the item from a field of 2-6 (ex: Give me the pig)
Sort items by categories (ex: Fruit/Animals)
ID if object contains their articulation sound or not
Say a word, phrase or sentence with the object (ex: pig; pink pig; I found a pink pig)
Answer WH questions (ex: Who takes care of a pig?)
Basic Concepts (in, out, over, under, next to, between, etc!)
Identify items by function (ex: Which item can we eat?)
Follow directions - (ex. Hide the apple under the red lid.)

If you students are older you can make up little games:

Give them 3 clues before they open the lid. See if they can guess the item. 

Make one item 'magic'. For example you could have the 'magic pig.' The first person to find the magic pig wins. 

Show the students one picture and have them open a lid to try to get a match. If they get a match they get to keep the object. If the picture doesn't match you get to keep it. 

As you can see the possibilities are endless for this homemade therapy tool. I hope it sparks your imagination. If you can think of some more items let me know! I would love to hear your thoughts!