Thursday, December 1, 2011

O Christmas Tree, Preschool Christmas Tree.

I'm back today with an easy holiday activity you can make in 15 minutes or less! (Except the Target trip... that will cost you a few hours!) One of my students was absent this week and I made (and dreamed up) this entire activity in his 15 minute slot. (I spent the other 5 minutes grabbing caffeine from the vending machine!)

First you're going to need to hit up the Target dollar spot. I bought 2 tubes of these small bulbs, for a buck each. 

Some are shiny, and some are covered with sparkles! They are plastic and won't break easy! The next step is to make a Christmas tree. I made mine out of bulletin board paper and ran it through the laminator. Then print the download below with lights, candy canes and a star. Laminate them as well! Now break out your velcro. Velcro everything to the tree.

I took everything off and stuck it in a box to start with. At circle we talked about what we put on our trees. Then we sorted the items (lights, ornaments, candy, star). We talked about the EMPTY tree and the FULL box. We talked about more/less and compared how many of each kind we had. 

Then I let the students come up and pick out items to put on the tree. As each child took their turn I targeted their individual goals. These included: vocabulary, WH questions, spatial concepts, descriptive concepts, articulation, verb + ing, future/past tense (last Christmas, next Christmas), and 1 & 2 step directions. 

Download the graphics HERE for free :)

****Edit: Here is the link for a communication symbols to use with this activity! Grab it HERE. You will need boardmaker to open this attachment.

In the Christmas tree ornament spirit, I had a great activity sent in by a follower of the blog! Kellie Meixner sent in this flexible activity. 

These cute ornaments are shown using synonyms and antonyms but you could use them for anything! Vocab, articulation, WH questions, etc! Thanks Kellie!!

You'll need boardmaker to use the download. Grab if for free HERE.

If you have an idea to share, just email me at I would LOVE to share it!