Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Contact Paper Collage

Happy Tuesday Everybody!! This is a quick activity that I did today. My little ones (think age 3-5) LOVED it. For the older preschoolers it went a little too fast but we still had fun! We read a book about fall and then we made this collage. I taped a strip of contact paper to the cabinet, sticky side out. Then we added objects. (YES - I did get this idea from pinterest - but I can't find my link!)

 We used fall shapes (turkey, apples, pumpkins, leaves), small foam leaves and a box of confetti I had laying around!

We had lots to work on. Some friends said articulation words to earn confetti. Others working on following multistep directions, positional concepts, vocab, etc!  They thought it was especially funny to be told to put leaves on top of the turkey's head! For nonverbal preschoolers we worked on requesting items with signs and initial consonants of words. It was highly motivating! Hope it gives you a little inspiration!