Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Resonance Feedback

One of my new students this year is working on resonance issues. He has a nasal emission in place of strident sounds. He's been checked out and cleared by the ENT of any structural or anatomical defects. We've been working on producing strident sounds and are making some good progress. He can produce sounds in isolation and we're working on sounds in words. A fellow SLP in my district gave me a heads up about a few applications to use to give my little guy some bio-feedback. I thought maybe you could use them too!

The Audacity program is a free download. It's easy to use. You just open it, press the red record button, and go! In this example below you can see the difference between 'snack' and 'nack'. We use it by comparing my good recording to his recording. He tried to make his word long like mine (we exaggerate the /s/.)

Download the program at

You can also use the 'Garage Band' application that comes on Macs. I have tried both, but find the sounds are easier to compare on Audacity because they are easier to view.