Monday, September 10, 2012

Bowling for Listening Comprehension

I've been reading IEP's and doing baselines during the last few weeks! Many of my 3rd-5th graders have listening comprehension goals. I made this bowling card game to work on those skills with my students.

The card game is  played using statement cards, question cards and bonus cards.

The statement cards contain a short paragraph to be read aloud by the SLP.

The student draws a question card to determine which type of listening comprehension skill is to be targeted (main idea, details, wh question). They answer the question indicated. For WH questions, the clinician can make up any question that's appropriate for the student's goal. I often make up an inferencing goal about what will happen next.

The bonus cards include Strike's, Spare's and Gutter Balls.

There are 5 cards per page for a total of 25 statement cards.

The question cards include all those listed above.

The download is available for purchase in my TPT Store. How do you work on listening comprehension with your students?