Sunday, September 23, 2012

Candy Land Language PRESCHOOL Edition.

Are you excited for another Candy Land set? My sweet little preschoolers are really in loving my phonology set, so I wanted to develop a language set for the preschoolers. Just like the Phonology set, the Preschool Language set includes picture prompts on each card set. The download includes 6 different game sets including: Verbs, Nouns 1 & 2, Basic Concepts, Functions, & Categories. The games each include 60 cards with 78 tiles with learning targets.

The Verbs cards contain a variety of action pictures. Some of my preschoolers have goal for just identifying an action, some are working on verbalizing the action, and more are working on adding that pesky +ing! You can use these card for any of the goals. For my students working on receptively identifying the action, I draw two cards each play and say "Show me kicking". Then they move to the color on the identified card. 

The Nouns card sets are split into two games. The games can be mixed and matched as needed for your students. These are great for vocabulary as well as  for developing sentences. Vocabulary targeted includes body parts, food, vehicles, school, clothing, animals and household items.

The Basic Concepts game includes pictures of the following concepts: Skinny/Fat, Small/Large, Tall/Short, Long/Short, Hot/Cold, In/Out, Through, Between, Few/Many, Same/Different, In front/Behind, Open/Closed, Up/Down, Above/Below, Over/Under, Next to/On top, Half/Whole, Top/Bottom, Crooked/Straight, Light/Heavy, Empty/Full, Day/Night, High/Low, Wet/Dry.

Several concepts are demonstrated through multiple pictures.

The categories game set includes two ways to play. On double cards, 4 images are displayed. For these cards, the student must name the category.

 Single cards include the name of a category with one picture example of a category member. The students must then name other category members.

The Functions game is great for expressive language skills.  Prompt your students to name the use of these items. Once they name the function you can prompt them to tell you about a time they used the item. IE: When do you use a clock?

Each game set includes the 6 special cards. The special cards come in a set for both older and newer versions of the game.

This is a huge packet (66 pages in length!) and loaded with picture cards! I think you will find it perfect for your preschool (and even early elementary kids!) You can find the download in my TPT store