Thursday, September 20, 2012

Multisyllabic Gum Balls

Multisyllabic word goals keep popping up in my caseload this year. I think it's a good sign. Kids are moving toward exiting from speech services and are just working on the most difficulty syllable combinations.

I developed a new game targeting these 3-5 syllable words featuring a gum ball theme. 

78 gum balls are included that contain pictures of multisyllabic words.

The game is played with  UH-OH cards. If you draw an UH-OH card your player got gum in his hair! You need to put all your cards back!

Every student gets a gum ball machine to keep their cards on.

I actually printed the cards half size because our color ink was low!

Flip the cards upside down and then take turns drawing multi-syllabic words to say!

Have fun! You can find the game here at my TPT Store! Thanks for visiting!