Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Finally heard on Univision

A while back in November I noted that newspapers from the Dominican Republic were all abuzz about my peeps Cuban-American Senator Bob Menendez (D-NJ) allegedly short-changing some young Dominican hookers for their services while on vacation at the Dominican Republic (the DR) and how it was curiously off Univision's radars and clearly off the mainstream US press.

Prostitution is apparently legal in the DR, but short-changing a sex worker is never a smart thing to do -- not that this former sailor would know anything about that, but I've heard lots of sea stories about hookers, cheap sailors and banana knives in the PI; I'm just sayin'

Well... Univision has caught up with a vengeance and is usually 2-3 days ahead of English-language television news and at least a week ahead of the WaPo and NYT, and 24-48 hours ahead of the Miami Herald, on the reporting on Menendez's relationship with major donor Dr. Salomon Melgen. And they're deep in the weeds in the inside the DR reporting and digging a lot of evidence which is curiously being ignored (or under-reported at least) by the US mainstream press - this (of course) fuels the vast right wing conspiracy claim's that the "leftist" US mainstream press treats Democrats to a different standard than Republicans (remember Herman Cain?).

The Dominican doctor (now lives in Florida), who in 2012 poured large amounts of money into Menendez’s reelection efforts, was allegedly rewarded when Menendez then became an advocate for a very large, gargantuan Dominican Republic contract for providing X-Ray services for port security by ICSSI, one of Melgen’s companies. And Menendez also used Melgen’s private plane several times to fly to the DR and never reported it, thus breaking Senate ethics rules. Last week he cut Melgen a check for $58,500 to pay for the trips, noting (in a disturbingly bad choice of words) that he had forgotten to do so and the payment had fallen through the cracks... heh, heh...

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About 2-3 weeks ago Univision reported that many other US politicians, including Bill and Hillary Clinton, had been guests, and stayed in Dr. Melgen's luxury villa in the DR.

Bill, Bill, Bill... what are we going to do about you...

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