Sunday, February 3, 2013

My Context Clues Shopping Spree :)

I just finished my TPT Super Sale Sunday shopping! I thought you might be curious about what I bought today, so check out what was in my cart! I hope some other bloggers will share what they bought too! Don't want to miss anything good! I really needed something to work on context clues with my kiddos and I found a LOT of goodies!

Cooking Up Context Clues (The Speech Bubble)

Context Clues Task Cards (Rachel Lynette)

St. Patrick's Day Word Fun (Miss Speechie)

The States of Our Country (Tracey Tegeler)

So many goodies for context clues!

And just because I've been wanting it forever:

Common Core Standards by IEP Goal (Nicole Allison)

Click on the link to visit each of the stores and find out more! What did you grab on sale today?!
Don't forget the code SUPER if you haven't checked out yet!

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