Monday, February 11, 2013

There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed a Chick (with Freebie!)

There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed a Chick! I don't know why she swallowed that chick, but she didn't get sick!

I'm sharing another book companion for one of my favorites! The Old Lady has been eating lots of spring items! I'm printing it now and it'll be ready for the end of March and Beginning of April and Easter time!

You can find the book on Amazon.

This document is 38 pages in length. Here is a sneak peek at what is includes: 

Retelling: Cut out the old lady’s head.(page 3.) Cut out her mouth and attach it to an empty tissue box. Use the cards on page 4 to feed the lady pieces of the story. Use the retelling mats on pages 5 & 6 to retell the story or send home as homework.

Rhyme: Cut out the cards (page 7) and match rhyming words from the story. Pictures make the cards partially self-checking.

Verb Tense: Cut out each verb card (pages 8-11.) Name the verb from the story indicated on the left side of the card.. Then determine the verb form for past, present, and future tense. Use a dry erase marker to fill in the blanks.

Story Sequencing: Print the story sequencing circles (pages 12-13) and add Velcro. Let students retell the story and add the story parts in order.

Object Functions: Use the included sheet to let student identify the object functions. If students can ID them receptively, target this skill expressively (What do you do with a chick?)

Ordinal Numbers: Print and cut the included cards. Have students find matches (ie: first/1st) and then put them in order.

Comprehension: Use the included 12 comprehension cards (pages 16-17) as a follow-up to the book. Use the Yes/No questions (page 18) as another follow-up activity.

Articulation Reinforcers: Use the Spin & Cover and Granny Collector games as a general reinforcer for articulation students (or any speech/language target). During Spin & Cover (pages 19-20) the student uses an included spinner and sheet to be the first to cover each item (use bingo chips.) During the Granny Collector game (page 21-22) students use the included game die to collect as many grannies as they can. Be the first to cover each granny and win. Say your sound as many times as you cover grannies!

Possessive Pronouns: Print one copy of pages 23-24. The old lady has decided to share some items with her dog, Brutus. Decide what items they should have. Say a good sentence as you give them each their objects and explain why!

Conversation Starters: Use the 12 included conversation starters to discuss topics related to the book.

Do-A-Dot Reinforcer: Use the included reinforcer as a coloring or Do-A-Dot page.

Temporal Directions: Print one of each card (pages 28-31) and play the game while working on before/after game cards.

Granny Grammar: Help your students increase their sentence complexity. Give students a grammar granny (page 34) and discuss the parts of speech written of different parts of her face.. Give students each a sentence strip (page 35) and have then develop a sentence to write on their paper. Students will identify the parts of speech they have written in their sentences and then color in the corresponding parts of the Granny’s face.  Encourage students to add complexity to their sentences..

Future Tense Writing: Have your student develop a sentence writing and drawing what he/she would eat if they were the granny.

Game Board: Use the game board to work with any of your own activities. 

The activities are available for sale on my TpT store. But fear not, I've got a FREEBIE for you! I made a few activities for working on Comparing & Contrasting. 

To grab that freebie, just follow the link and click DOWNLOAD PREVIEW!

Leave a comment and let me know what you think. Am I the only one dreaming for spring?