Monday, July 1, 2013

Early Literacy Recommended Apps

With my literacy group this summer, I spent a little time sorting all my phonological awareness and early literacy apps into one folder. I thought I'd share what exactly is in that folder for you! All of these apps were purchased by yours truly (unless otherwise indicated). I listed their current itunes prices, but those are subject to change, so check before you download!

Zoo Train is really a fun app. There are train puzzles and this great simple letter matching activity. (.99)

Sound Sorting is a Lakeshore Learning app that works on alliteration. The format is super cute and my kids LOVE it! (.99)

Endless Alphabet is just the most fun app! Little kids and bigger kids alike seem to love the animation. I love working on letters and letter sounds! ($4.99)

Tic Tac Toe Phonics is a great app for kids with a little more exposure to spelling. It asks questions like, 'Which word has the same a sound as cake?' gate, hand, fan. (free)

Starting Sounds is a great app from I Can Do apps. It have various levels of difficulty for identifying the beginning sounds in words. (2.99)

Rhyming is another I Can Do apps creation. It has 5 levels of rhyme identification activities. (2.99)

Syllable Splash (I was provided of copy of this app for my review in May) This app focuses on segmenting words and identify the number of syllables.  (9.99)

Pocket Charts Rhyming Word Match is the digital version of a pocket chart. This super cute app is simple to use and works on matching rhyming words. (.99)

Pocket Charts Uppercase and Lowercase Match is another pocket chart app. Students match the upper and lowercase letters. (.99)

Pocket Charts Beginning Letter Sounds is the last pocket chart app I downloaded! The simple format is still engaging for my preschooler and kindergarten students. (.99)

Profile of Phonological Awareness (Pro-PA) is an assessment app. (14.99) The app doesn't give standardized scores but it's perfect to do baseline assessments with! 

Super Why Adventures ABC is a favorite of my students! It works on sounds, letters and more! Seriously LOVE this one! (3.99)

Word Wagon by Duck Duck Moose let you pick objects off the conveyor belt. Drag the letter to spell the word and then listen as the word is sounded out. (2.99)

Interactive Alphabet is great for the little bits. Like Endless alphabet is engaging for little guys. You click on the letter and an animation appears along with the letter sound. ($2.99)

Do you have any favorites that I missed?! Comment below so I can add them to my collection!