Thursday, July 18, 2013

Love It and List It Linky

It's Friday!! Woop! I love Fridays except in the summer I want my Fridays to come SLOWER. Why does summer just fly by!?

I've been wanting to find a quick way to show you what is happening in my speech room throughout the year. I was envisioning a short list on a bunch of different topics. I decided to name this reoccuring segment 'Love It and List It'! Then I got to thinking...maybe some of the other bloggers might want to join me! Hence a Linky Party!

The Love It & List It Linky will happen on the 3rd Friday each month. Each month I'll throw out a topic. If you want to get involved just share a short list (3-5 items) on the topic! If you don't have your own blog (uh, hello, I know most of you don't :)) just comment to share your OWN list! 

Drum roll please.... 

The theme for this first month is Love It & List It:: Games I Love! So write a post about the games YOU love and link up with the linky tool at the bottom of the page. Make sure to link back to this post. Please grab the image at the top of the page for your post! 

::Games I Love::               ((I included Amazon Affiliate Links so make it easy on you!!))

I've already shared about Cariboo, CandyLand and Angry Birds... so here are 5 more I haven't shared about! 


Pass the Pigs is a fun game my friend Taylor told me about. It's a super easy game, which makes it one of my favorites. Your students roll the included pigs and try to get them to land in a certain direction. I bought the 'party edition' so all my kids have their own pigs to roll! 


Obstacles. This super cute game is pretty new to me. My friend Meghan showed it to me, so I hopped on Amazon and ordered it. The game is played making a path of obstacles (such as  'a wall'). Students move through the path of obstacles and use their 'tool' cards to find a way to get over the obstacles. If I have to get over the wall, I could stand on an elephants back or jump over it in a kangaroo pouch! It's a great way to get your clients to problem solve, work cooperatively and verbally explain their reasoning. 


Headbanz is probably in every closet in every speech room. I just couldn't leave it off the list because it's one I like to play! 


Diggity Dog is a favorite for my preschool group. You place magnetic dog bones onto the game board. Press down the doggie on the dog house. Listen closely and decide how many times he barked. Then move that many spaces around the board. Let your dog pick up that magnetic bone and see if it matches your color! I have used this one with my preschool - second grade group a ton! 


Connect 4 Launchers is a game I don't think I've talked about before! This is perfect for your 'older' set of kids. I've used it for my 3rd grade and up set. It's like Connect 4 but you get to LAUNCH the rings. Uh... that's a winner. Seriously, this one is so fun!

Then get busy snatching pictures and thinking about next month's post: 

 Ready? Go! 

GO check out all the other links and be sure you leave YOUR list in the comments!