Sunday, March 25, 2012

8 Easter Apps for the Speech Room

This month several people asked me for apps for St. Patrick's Day. I didn't have a single one to give them! But good news - there are a lot of free Easter apps and some are GREAT for our kids with speech or language impairments.

When I started looking for apps I found dozens. I download them all and picked through the best 8 that will work for a variety of treatment objectives and ages. Ready? Pull out your ipads and let's get to it!

Let's get started with this Easter Egg Hunt app (the free version). To find the eggs in this hunt - you have to answer a riddle. A really good skill for our language delayed kids! What I like best is that there are two levels of clues. The harder version is shown above, but the beginner version gives simple clues (ex: Find something that purrs.) The visual supports built in provide one level of scaffolding that can be enhanced with clinician verbal cues.

 The next great app is a throw back to 6th grade study hall. Did you ever play MASH with your friends? Well if you weren't a child of the 90's you can check out a description of it here. This is an Easter MASH game that I did with some kids. It's a great way to work on naming category members.

The next app is the only app I actually purchased! At 99 cents, Clicky Sticky Easter is a wonderful app and worth the buck! With this app you can target following directions, concepts, vocabulary, adjectives, verbs and sentence generation! (Just to name a few!) You can decorate eggs, fill Easter baskets and more!

One of my favorite fair games is Whack-A-Mole. This free app called Easter Eggstavaganza is full of fun games like this "Whack-An-Egg." This one will get your clients working hard during drill for a chance to play!  My articulation clients all loved it! Other games like matching and 'catch the egg' are also included in this app.

The next app is an Easter Spot the Difference activity. This is a great skill for visual discrimination and scanning, but for my students it was a great for getting the kids talking. After they found all 4 differences, I had them describe the differences and locations to me using positional concepts. (ie: Under the green rooster, the first picture has a flower but the second doesn't.) It's a great app for working on comparing and contrasting.

This app, called Dress Eggy HD, is an egg decorating app. I used it for following directions to decorate the egg, followed by students using adjectives to describe their fancy eggs.

The Color Me Easter! app is just what it sounds like! Color several Easter scenes. This app works great for preschoolers. I had them complete several language questions before they colored each portion.

The last free app I wanted to share with you is Bunny Fun: Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes. This app features a cute little bunny singing a favorite song! Great for learning those early skills like body parts!
*Edit: The Bunny Fun app is now 99 cents - I must have grabbed it before the price increase!

What other apps have you seen that might target other objectives?