Tuesday, March 27, 2012

More tips from the Easter Bunny

The old Easter Bunny has been visiting The Speech Room and wanted me to share these ideas with you!

I used these foam eggs to write positional concepts. The kids had to find the matches and then use them to demonstrate the concept.

I used these eggs that I got last year after easter for 25 cents. Who can pass up that deal.

In the past, I have stuffed them with boardmaker pictures for grammar and other goals. This year, I just couldn't get into putting that much work into these eggs in between groups. So I found these little Easter erasers at Target. There are bunnies, eggs, and carrots. I put them in about 8 of the eggs and I let the kids pull eggs. The kiddo with the most mini items at the end was the 'winner.'

Ok next up - I had to upgrade my puny Boardmaker symbols for 'There was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Chick" when I saw Katie's amazing printables. I ditched my boring pictures and used hers! Aren't they great? Go visit her site and then come right back!

I used the pieces with my Granny during circle time, but then I wanted to make some type of follow up game. I used library pockets (got mine from Lakeshore), with each piece of the story on the front. You can laminate them and then re-cut them open with a knife.

For most of my kids, we talked about vocab and then did some following directions activities. I hid these little jumping bunnies inside and we listened for clues (identifying functions!) to decide which bunny they could pull (ie: What can you eat?). Then we played with our hopping bunny describing who went near/far, under/over and fast/slow!

Just another little Easter Bonus from a SRN follower: Emily Meagher. Thanks for sending in your ideas Emily!

You can grab this Easter Egg game for irregular plurals and an Easter basket. It's based off of my 'Pocket Monster" Games.

Emily also found these cute Easter Character Cups. They would be easy to work in for many of your groups! She already came up with some great comprehension question that you can grab here! 

Oh and P.S. - I added a 'Donate' button to my side bar after a suggestion from a follower! Creating free printables and blogging about therapy ideas is really something I enjoy doing! That being said - it really does take a lot of work to take the time to blog it for you all, so if you want to donate a little something that would be great (and help me pay for the clipart!) I'm so thankful for all of you being followers! You rock!

What are you doing for Easter?