Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Grammar Popcorn

We've been poppin in speech this month! I've been doing lots of grammar popcorn activities and I'm finally done tweaking them so I can share them! It looks a little something like this!

This download hits a few of the grammar activities my k-5 kids are working on: prepositional phrases, coordinating conjunctions, pronouns, and irregular verbs.

The first activity included works on using coordinating conjunctions. The student draws a piece of popcorn and then has to decide which conjunction should go in the blank (AND, BUT , OR.)  Once they identify the conjunction, they sort it to that popcorn machine.

This activity is targeted at increasing the student's sentence complexity. Several of my students are working on using prepositional phrases. They can draw the phrase from the popcorn container or pile and then think of a sentence to use it in.

This activity is targeting subjective and objective pronouns. Students read the sentence on their popcorn  card and fill in the appropriate pronoun (she/her/he/him.) Then they sort them on the sorting mat.

The last activity is one that works for irregular verbs. It has a picture of the regular verb form and the students need to name the irregular form.

Grab all your popcorn grammar activities right HERE!

One of my fellow bloggers, Ashley, posted this cute bulletin board idea yesterday! We must be on the same wavelength!

Just a note - the popcorn containers are from the Target dollar spot last year. I've also seen them pop up (haha) in dollar stores!

If you grab the download - leave a comment!

Clipart copyright scrappindoodles.