Thursday, March 1, 2012

EET Treatment Idea

In the past I have mentioned that I use the Expanding Expression Tool in therapy.  It's a multi-sensory tool that can be used to increase students oral and written language. No explanation from me, will help you understand as much as the example over at their website. If you aren't familiar with it - go check it out! Just know that every bead on the strand represents one of the ways we can talk about an object. For example the green one is a reminder to identify the 'group' or category of the object.

A lot of you have been asking how I use EET in my speech room. I wanted to share a quick idea with you today for a way I use the EET once my kids are used to it. Most of my older kids are in groups that are mixed. Meaning I have both articulation and language students.

The bingo games through Super Duper Inc. are a staple in my room. So this is how I am combining the two, to target both articulation and language in a single session!

The kids all get out bingo cards and chips. Then we take turns pulling cards. When the articulation students draw a card, they say the word and then their word in a sentence. When the language students draw a card they need to define the object/item. I always have the EET on the table. Some friends need the tool to touch to be successful. I also usually write a few of the most important terms on the board or a post-it, for friends who are moving toward relying less on the strand.

In the example above, the student could define RAIN as a type of weather that comes from increased moisture in the clouds that comes down as water and sometimes comes with storms.  That's a big step up from "It's wet" - which is usually their definition for rain the first time around! If you don't have the EET, you can still work on these skills. Just help your students decide what makes a good definition and give them from written guidelines/visual prompts to use!

Do you have the EET? Do you love it? How are you using it in your speech room?