Monday, February 27, 2012

Speech & Language Pinwheels

Several months ago I pinned a wonderful idea on Pinterest from Jodi over at Fun in First. She used some dollar store pinwheels to target reading comprehension. I have been keeping my eye out for a deal on them and Target dollar spot didn't disappoint this weekend! Check out these cute pinwheels!

I can see endless opportunities! I tried to control the urge to buy 10 pinwheels. So I only came home with 3.  Here's how I used them! During speech, when it was a child's turn to participate I had them spin the wheel and they complete the action listed where the arrow is pointing!

I printed little petals with directions, laminated them, and hot glued them onto the pinwheel. For my articulation wheel I added directions like : Spell & Say, Silly Sentence, Rhyme Time, 10 times fast. These make the directions very flexible! One of my favorite's is 'Rhyme Time.' I give the student a word with their target sound at the end of the word and see how many rhymes they can create. Ex: for /s/ I give: 'KISS' - miss, bliss, dismiss!

This is my grammar pinwheel! I added parts of speech, including verbs, pronouns, prepositions. I can use this one many ways! For kids working on grammatical forms (like future and past tense verbs.)  I can just give them prompts to target the correct word form. For kids working on expressive language and sentence structure, they spin a part of speech and then I give them a word to use in a sentence.

The last pinwheel I made is a general language pinwheel! I really love this one because it's so flexible! My younger students are just working on the basic skills listed, such as synonyms, definitions, categories and WH questions. The beauty of it is that I can work with my older students on curriculum vocabulary with the same item!

 I created the petals on the pinwheels that you can grab here.

Just for the record I will be back in Target this week at some point, because I just have to make a WH question spinner and a Social Communication spinner!  What other ideas do you have for these awesome finds?!