Sunday, February 12, 2012

Super Hero Speech

Hey Friends! Are you hanging in there this February? This is the month that seems to drag on and on. Maybe some freebies will help you put a pep in your step? I'm bringing you a few super hero activities today!

I'm starting with the Amazing Spiderman. My preschoolers are nuts about 'ol spidey. I am using some Spiderman Easter Eggs that I grabbed last year after the season for cheap. For some reason opening eggs gets them all excited. And they're more talkative when they're excited!

I added spider webs into the eggs. In the download you can grab the positional concepts webs. I had the students open the spider egg, and then demonstrate the concept with the egg. (ie: Put Spiderman 'over' the table.) I used the number webs for articulation. The students had to say as that many productions of their target words. To make it a game, I added the black spider card. If they draw that card they win the game. I added a blank webs page as well, so you can use this for anything you need to target! 

While we're talking about the Spiderman, I also wanted to give you a copy of this compare/contrast activity.  They're quick print cards that have 2 objects listed. I had my students name a few similarities and differences for each of the items listed. 

The other Hero we've been using is Batman. I made this Following Directions activity to use with preschool - second grade kiddos. It includes one and two step directions and focuses on the concepts BEFORE/AFTER. 

I like to start by letting the kids read the cards, and increase the difficulty by having them follow the directions given just auditory presentation.

As always, you can grab all these downloads for free. Just get them HERE!

If you download a copy, just comment and say Hey below!