Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Anatomy of the Speech Room

I can't tell you how many of you have emailed me asking me about organization and storage! It's certainly a hot topic!! Today I'm going to let to you peek into my speech room with a look at just how I organize everything. I'm really not a super organized person. I can usually find what I need - but it's not always in the most efficient manner!

Let's just get to it!

This is my room! Tada! One thing I wanted to highlight from this picture is the red pocket chart thats hanging up on the cabinet. This year I made it my goal to make my own version of the awesome Speech Sound Wall Pocket that Annie made.  I used a pocket chart and a over-the door hanger with them.

I printed pictures from Mommy Speech Therapy that you can download for free! It's wonderful because there are words in isolation, phrases and stories. Most sounds are in the initial, medial and final position of words.

I printed all the sounds, laminated them and then bound them with a book ring. For common sounds, like the /r/, I made many copies of the artic packets. For less common sounds, I just made a few. So when kids come into the room, I can ask them to grab the packet for their sound.

My working files are housed in this crate that sits next to me. Each child has a file with the data sheet. They also contain homework packets for each objective. That way I have plenty of homework activities on hand whenever I need it.

My file cabinet is organized like this! These folder house an 'original' packet that contains many homework pages for each goal. They are supposed to have extra copies of packets, but that rarely happens.

Try not to be alarmed. This is my cabinet. I feel a little exposed - showing my dirty cabinet - but I know you feel the pain of overcrowding so I'm going for it and showing it to you! The top shelf if language-ish things. The second shelf is artic/phonology stuff. The third and fourth shelf are full of other preschool toys and activities.

Within my shelves are small buckets/totes of organization. I have a big tub full of general activities. Some of my more commonly treated objectives are in these smaller tubs for easy access. The awesome paper activities you download on my site are just put in plastic bags. That keeps them easy to see and small to store.

I keep practically every container I can get my hands on. Chinese take out plastic containers are amazing. This one I used to keep my Artic Fries in is an old Swifter wipe box!

I have a mix of dish tubs and rubbermaid containers as well!

I store my preschool units in these crates. For each week I plan a Circle Time lesson and accompanying individual therapy ideas.

I keep all the materials for that week in a plastic bag. My amazing CF supervisor Kara organized her preschool lessons like this last year. It has made everything so easy this year! I just grab the bag I need, update and add any new activities for the lesson and I'm ready to go! This one is my Goldilocks & the 3 Bears bag for next week.

And here's a peek at my desk. In real life. I didn't even clean it up for you!

Ok, so there it is. Just a peek at how I organize things. What are you using? How about we all pull out our iphones and upload a picture onto the Speech Room News facebook page. I'd love to see what you're using. I'm sure there are more efficient ways!