Sunday, February 5, 2012

Cars Articulation and Language Activities

My latest speech and language activity is all about Cars! The Cars movies are such a hit with my students. Especially the preschool to 2nd grade crowd. The 3-5th graders act like they don't care, but always willingly play my games! I originally made this activity to work on phonics back in graduate school. This year I updated it and made three different versions. All the games are made to be played just like Uno. You need to match a number or color (Car's character) to make a play!

Grab WH questions HERE!

The first version is a WH questions game. Each game car has a WH question that the student must answer before they take their turn.

Grab Multiple Meaning Words HERE.

The second version is meant for older students. It's an activity focusing on multiple meaning words. Each card contains a word (ie: broke) that can have two meanings. The students need to name both definitions or use them in sentences to show meaning before taking their turn.

Grab Make your Own HERE.

The third version is the one I use for articulation. It's blank! Woohoo for you. That means you can add articulation, grammar, or language targets. If you're a teacher you could add, letters, sight words or number sentences. ANYTHING! For my students I often just print a black and white version. We can spend one whole session making their own personal sets of cards. We practice their targets while they are filling them out on their cards. Then we trace the numbers in color while practicing them again. Then the second day in therapy we play their own game. Then we send it home for practice. It motivates my some of my little ones that their homework is to play Uno with mom or dad.

I also made with quick reinforcer game that I play with my preschoolers.

Grab the game HERE.

Students just take turns drawing cards. If they get a vehicle, they keep it. If they pull a flat tire card, they put 2 cards back. If they pull a gas station, they get a boost, and take an extra turn.

Hope you can use these! If you do make sure you Pin then or share them with a friend!