Friday, February 24, 2012

MouthWorks App Review & Giveaway!

Since I got my Ipad a few months ago, I've downloaded hundreds of apps! I love when I hear about one that I haven't seen before! One of my amazing followers, Kelly Hilliker, emailed me to tell me about an app Called MouthWorks. Kelly said, "I like that it has a child model oral-motor movements, sounds, and sequences only showing the child's neck to nose... no eyes for those eye avoiders.  You can customize the settings to include the sounds and sequences that are appropriate for the student." So I just had to check it out! And guess what? I enjoyed it too! Mouth Works provided me a copy of the app to test out plus two codes for you! So lets get to the review! 

The app was created by Judy Goodfellow, MS-CCC, a practicing Speech-Language Pathologist. Judy was inspired to make the MouthWorks app to provide a simple, fun way for kids to practice speech. She wanted to make an app that would provide strong visual models without the distracters of other facial features. She felt that combining it with animation and providing a child's mouth as the model would make it highly motivating for kids.

The app is intended for children with delayed articulation or apraxia. It provides visual models of mouth postures, sounds in isolation and words.  First you see the animation and then a video of a child's mouth completing the task. 

They just added an update so that you can replay the video model as many times as needed. You mark correct or incorrect and end up with a percentage! Once you mark correct, the app moves onto the next sound you have selected. I had my students say 10 good sounds before I marked it for moving on! 

I would love to see this app grow. I think it's a great starting place and I would love to see it grow from CV and CVC structures into others! I think if they could have a quick little game for those sweet characters it would motivate the kiddo's even more! I've been using it as a 'warm up' for a few students with apraxia. They much prefer looking at the model on the ipad, compared to Ms. Jenna's mouth! 

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