Saturday, February 25, 2012

St. Patty's For Upper Elementary

Next week is going to be March already! I bet you've been seeing lots of items on Pinterest and the other speech blogs that feature activities with St. Patrick's Day themes. I've been pinning and downloading from all my favorite websites. So when I was deciding what kinds of materials I still needed for my caseload, I  realized I was really lacking activities for the upper elementary aged students. All of the following activities are focused on language, problem solving and reasoning skills for the 3-5th grade population!

So let's get to it! The first activity I created was a multiple meaning words matching game.

I used foam green shamrocks from the dollar store. I used all body part multiple meaning words. I wrote the body part on one side and the alternate meaning on the other side. For example "heel" and " what a trained dog does on a walk." Students had to match the pieces and then explain the 2 meanings in their own words.

The next activity requires the students to logically evaluate statements. Print one of each card and attach them to a popsicle stick. The SLP reads aloud a statement and the students hold up their answer card. A variety of example sentences are included, such as "Doctors are women."

The next activity focusing on problem solving and inferences. Students draw a card with 3 items listed. They read the items listed and determine what activity they could be used for. Given the words: Rod, Bait,  Boat, the students should infer that the person is going fishing. 

The last activity has an activity listed and students need to express the sequence of steps to complete the activity. 

All the activities include these extra cards to make them into a fun game! 

Grab your free download HERE.

What other goals are your upper elementary school students working on?