Monday, February 27, 2012

Easi-Speak Giveaway!

I wanted to share a giveaway with you today for all of you who don't yet have an ipad! You can still incorporate some technology into your speech rooms quite easily! The kind folks over at Learning Resources provided me with a cool USB recorder to test out. And because they love SLP's - they are offering one to a lucky reader!

Check out the Easi-Speak USB Recorder. It's an MP3 recorder in the shape of a microphone!

In my speech room I use a voice recorder a lot. I use it for assessments - especially fluency and language samples. I can also use recorders for articulation carryover and fluency treatment.

I had the Easi-Speak recorder in my pink 'speech bucket' (as seen on this post) today and the students in one of my articulation groups spotted it right away! I got it out and we started playing with it. We first went around and reach recorded a few sentences. We played it back to listen for carryover of our sounds.  The next round we played the "I'm going on vacation game." I started the sentences and said "I'm going on vacation and I'm bringing a 'ring'" then the next student had to add one item to the list that included their speech sound! He said, "I'm going on vacation and I'm bringing a ring and a raccoon." We used the recorder to record our ever increasingly long vacation list full of articulation targets.

The best part of this device in my opinion is that it has a USB plug in built in, so all I had to do was plug it in to save the file. That's a big upgrade from my current digital recorder. The students favorite part was that it looks like a microphone  and they were in fits of giggles listening to each other!

The Easi-Speak retails for $69.99.  The price makes it someone you would like to have the school/clinic/company buy for you! One lucky reader will get a FREE one!

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The contest will be open until this Friday March 2! Make sure you tell your friends!