Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Opposite Day App Review & GIVEAWAY!

It's a giveaway day!!!! Hooray!!

Remember a few days ago when I spoke to you about the importance of picking effective and efficient apps in therapy? Well I'm going to share one with you today!  My friends at Pocket SLP are making some great apps for SLP's. Today they gave me a code for Opposite Day to review for you. Bonus? Two copies to give away! See the bottom of the post for how to enter!! 

My students and I played it this week and it was a hit! Of course we had to play under my name so that I could take some screen shots for you! You can add multiple kids to keep data on really easily. 

You can choose which types of vocabulary you want to target during the session (in Spanish too!). 

This is practice mode! You tap one card and it flips. Then you can have the student name the opposite and before they check the other.

In quiz mode you, still have two cards, but you can collect data. See the red/green at the top of the page?

Aren't the graphics fun? I love them. 

The highlights?
 Entertaining for the kids and super easy data collection! 

A few more ways you can use this app! I had my students turn them into sentences (Yesterday I ran, Today I run, Tomorrow I will run) to work on verbs. We also made sentences to work on pronouns and word order. Some friends practiced descriptive sentences to work on carry over of their articulation sounds too! 

No onto what you have been waiting for!! The giveaway. Here is how to enter:
You need to complete BOTH of these items and then only leave ONE COMMENT. Multiple comments will be deleted. I have 2 codes to giveaway! I will generate the winners with random.org in one week on Tuesday 2/21/12. 

1. Like Speech Room News on Facebook (find it on the bar on the right side).
2. Like PocketSLP on Facebook

Then leave a comment below telling us one objective/goal you would like to see materials created for! Don't forget to add your name and email too!