Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Speech & Language Valentine's Apps

Yesterday I shared with you the paper activities I'm using this February. Today I'm sharing with you a few ideas for incorporating the ipad.

Have you seen the Image Spinner App? It's a great 99 cent app that I heard about HERE from a fellow blogger. It's an awesome app where you import pictures, add your own voice recording and VIOLA! In 30 seconds you have made yourself a spinner game!

The way I'm using the app is to work on idioms for carryover after teaching my first idioms lesson seen HERE. After we introduce the idioms and make our wreaths, we can follow up the next session with the activity with the image spinner. I added the pictures from that activity into a simple document.

Grab your free download HERE.

To get the pictures into your spinner. Email yourself the document you downloaded above. Open it in to each picture. Pinch to zoom and make the pictures big. Take a screen shot picture of each one. (clicking and holding to save wouldn't work for them on this one.) Open image spinner, add each picture and click the red button to record the idiom.

One other app I have introduced HERE, was the Make Dice App.

This week I added 'valentine verbs' to the dice and some other lovey-dovery adjectives! Easy!

I also searched to see what was out there, that might be valentines related that was free! Here's what I came up with:

3 apps for coloring:

Kids Fingerpainting- Valentines

Holiday Draw Galore 

 Valentines Coloring Book


That memory game Valentine's Edition

Leave me a comment with any different Valentine's Day themed apps you find!