Sunday, January 8, 2012

Ipad Ideas!

I'm falling more in love with my Ipad for therapy each week. Yes I have downloaded TONS of apps but today I wanted to share with you some non-app ideas.Here's a few FREE and easy things you should add to your safari bookmarks!

Hop over to Caroline Bowen's website and bookmark the Quick Screener articulation pictures.

You will have all the pictures you need without having to search for your screening forms (does this happen to anyone else!?).

One other site you can easily use with your ipad is Super Teacher Tools. They have a make your own Jeopardy game that doesn't use powerpoint. It's awesome! If you use this link you will have access to the game I made that is Irregular Verb Review. Grab it here:

With both of these sites you will need internet access (3g or wi-fi). I saved them as bookmarks so I can quickly pull them up with groups!

Are you using any other non-app speech and language activities?