Monday, January 9, 2012

Articulate It App Review and Giveaway

I have something exciting for us today! Since I'm breaking in my new Ipad I've been trying out lots of new apps. This week Smarty Ears gifted me an app for their articulation application "Articulate It" to test out and review. The good news is they also gave me 2 TO GIVE AWAY FOR YOU!!! I have several Smarty Ears apps but was new to Articulate It.

Check it out in the Itunes store HERE.

 Best Features
+Covers every phoneme
+Covers phonological processes
+ Can use it in groups easily  - either one turn or multiple attempts for each child.
+Tracks data in detail
+ Recordings taken for sounds are saved into the data.

This app has everything your articulation cards have and more! The pictures are clear and appropriate. It was easy for me to set up before the kids arrived. I just clicked to pick which kids to add to the group session, and then added the target sounds for each child. You can also take notes at any point during the session, which might come in handy when working in groups. I like knowing that it's an app that I can use with my entire caseload (age 3-13) making it worth the money. I really appreciated the tutorial included within the app because I knew after watching it that I wasn't missing any great features because I didn't know how to work it!

The only thing this app is lacking, is some bumped up entertainment value and the ability to work at the sentence level. The kids got bored after one or two sessions. The Ipad is certainly more entertaining than my traditional articulation cards, but the newness wore off pretty quickly. Future updates might include some time of reward/game for completing a certain amount of trials (a game with their sound incorporated would be even better!) Adding a feature that turns the target words to target sentences would be desirable as well! Although any savvy SLP is going to be able to quickly create those sentences during therapy.

This is a great app that I would recommend for all SLP's and even parents who wish to work on carryover of skills at home. The price is right to have every articulation/phonology card deck into one app on the ipad. In the end, having an app that tracks great data, and includes Articulation AND Phonology in a single app, outweighs any cons I could think of!

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