Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Grammar Sandwiches

Today I wanted to share a few activities I have been doing in my speech room. They are both grammar activities for kids in early elementary. You can turn your speech room into a sandwich shop!

First Up.... PB&J!

This card game focuses on irregular verbs. I also use it in groups where I have kids working on sentence production and articulation carryover.

Students can play the game like 'Go-fish' or like 'Memory.' I take the wilds out of mine usually - but they're included in case you want to use them!

Grab it for free HERE.

The other sandwich game that we are playing is one that works on sentence generation as well as grammar. It's called That's Bologna!

Every sandwich needs 2 pieces of bread ( the subject and verb). From there adding toppings just adds points! Pieces of bologna are conjunctions and the tomatoes are adjectives. The more pieces of sandwich they use to make a sentence, the more points they earn!

When I introduce the game, I just lay out a few types of toppings. As students get used to using the variety of words to make sentences that make sense, I add in other pieces. To engage the other students in the group we yell 'That's Bologna" when we hear a sentence that isn't grammatically correct, or doesn't make sense!

Grab your copy HERE.

I hope you get some use out of our sandwich games! Leave a comment or pin it if you do!