Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Give a Mouse A Cookie - Please!

Wow! That two week holiday break went fast! Since it's a short week this week I took the opportunity to re-vamp my lesson plans for preschool for next week.

Why do I need to re-vamp you ask?! Santa brought me a shiny new Ipad 2! So much fun. I've actually had it for about 6 weeks now and I can't put it down. So this week I took my preschool lesson from last year and just added some Ipad options to it!

Here's a look at what we're doing.

For the whole group circle I will do the Book while giving each kiddo a felt piece (that I made with felt and fabric paint.) My Mr. Mouse lost his tail to a 3 year old last year!

The book has adapted pieces attached with velcro. It's such a great way to help the little guys or lower kids work on the book and the older kids can remove the pieces as we go and then use them to retell the story. I use the communication board to prep vocabulary and help answer comprehension questions.

You can download it here:

I pulled out my matching cookies for my lower functioning and nonverbal kiddos. The switch will be labeled "I want cookie" to work on some basic requesting.

I have a few kids working on learning new signs. So I grabbed some of the items in the story (like milk and cookies) to play with. I printed the signs to send home with them to their parents.

To target pronouns I used the Custom Boards App to make these quick worksheets. I use these to make some simple sentences (She has a cookie. She is looking in the mirror.)

Grab them HERE and HERE

I have these little napkins and cookies to work on MORE/LESS

These cookies with items on them came from I use them with this sentence strip to talk about things on cookies. I use them for articulation mostly.

Cookie Doodle is such a cute little app.  The kids can mix all the ingredients together and then bake the cookies before you decorate them! I made these sequencing cards to work on following directions. You can download the app on itunes and the sequencing activities HERE.

And one last activity for you all! I used the app SeeTouchLearn.  This app is so flexible! I made these a few receptive language tasks. One set of activities is just receptive identification of nouns (Touch the Mouse.) Another activity was identifying the functions (What do you use to clean the floor?)

OK- that's a lot right? I always take a variety of activities and then pick 2 or 3 things to work on with each kid depending on the IEP goals.

Are you getting back into the swing of thing yet?