Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Crazy Cat Lady?

Just popping in to show you this cute little FREE app. This week in preschool I am reading Cookie's Week. It's a cute little book about Cookie the kitty. Cookie gets into a lot of trouble and even though it's a short little book it gets plenty of giggles.

I was looking for an app to use with my cat story and found a very cute one! So cute I thought I would share it! This app is called Cat Effects . This app is totally goofy. Have I mentioned that I don't like cats? I am just a dog person... but these guys are really cute.

You take a picture or upload a picture and then get crazy adding some cats to it! So this is our preschool room. You touch a little cat in the corner. Then this sheet of cats pops up. You pick a cat and drag it into your picture.

Enter in the speech and language portion of your time! This is where we were working on following directions (Put a white cat in the window and a black cat on the shelf.)  My older kiddos, placed the cats and then gave me sentences to describe where they were. We got lots of cats into the circle above!

Things even got a little silly with this friend! We were working on INSIDE and OUTSIDE ... so we put cats inside and outside of her mouth!

Grab this free app and use it for some silliness in your lessons! What are your favorite apps?