Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Back Pocket Monsters: Inferences & Plurals

Back Pocket Monsters is a game I dreamed up back in graduate school. I first made a version of it when I was doing student teaching and I pulled out my old file and re-vamped it at the beginning of this year! I thought I would share it with you today and hope you can use it this week! 

In this game, students each get a pocket! Little monsters like to live in these pockets. Every time your student answers the questions correctly, they add another monster to their pocket. But watch out! Little boys like to bust those monsters and throw them out of their pockets! 

The first version targets some basic inferencing skills. I have been using them with both my articulation and language kiddos. 

Grab the INFERENCES version here.

I also made a version of this game that focuses on irregular plurals. 

Your student has to name the plural for each word they pick! But watch out for those little boys!

Grab a copy of IRREGULAR PLURALS here!