Sunday, April 1, 2012

Capture the Jolly Roger

Remember that playground game Capture the Flag? Well Today's therapy idea is based losely on that! When I pulled out my pirate hats to play in preschool last week, I found these wooden pirate icons that I got in a craft store last year. I remember that I got them for something like 25 cents last year and threw them in my bin. When I saw them this year I had a quick and easy idea for them. Introducing Capture the Jolly Roger.

Pirate lingo is cool and fun. Pirate lingo is way better than regular English. Pirate lingo also has many /r/'s in it! (By the way - Jolly Roger means PIRATE FLAG!)

Ahoy, matey. Ready to make this quick game? Grab your popsicle sticks. I have all the colors except yellow because I used a lifetime supply of yellow ones for my French Fry Articulation activity! The next part is fun. Write down as many pirate saying with /r/'s as possible. If you need some help try HERE or HERE.

I added the wooden cutouts to bigger wooden sticks. If you can't find pirate icons, you could print some out and laminate them. I made 2 sets of these, one for each team.

Next take some more small sticks and make them the LOSE cards. Attempt to draw a skull and bones like I did. You will need 2 sticks each for your symbols, so I used flag, hat and ship.

Now just add those materials into some repurposed soup cans. The goal of the game is to capture all 3 pieces from the other team (including their Jolly Roger.) As each team draws and reads a pirate saying they are attempting to capture the other team's icons. If they draw a pirate /r/ saying they read it aloud and have the other students imitate them (in their best pirate voice of course!) When they draw a LOSE card, they must give the other team that icon. At the end of the game, the team with the most icons is the winner. Try to capture all 3 pieces!

Any pirates looting your therapy rooms?