Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Speech Graffiti

Last week we had a Speech Graffiti day! It was a blast! I would recommend it!  I found this idea on pinterest and added a speech and language twist! Here's a peek! With more pictures than words!

This is the final product! I hung it in the hall for all our friends to see!

This is an idea of the goals/objectives we're targeting! We use 'I can' statements in our building!

This is a friend using my articulation sheets to draw pictures that contain her speech sound.

The board is starting to fill up! Check out all those /s/ pictures!

I covered the entire table with paper for bulletin boards. The student's picked chairs where they could find new spaces!

This group of friends were working on /r/  and /s/ blends!

This student wrote out some answers to the EET probes!

The language students also had plenty to draw! Check out my 3 part story, category wheel, irregular plurals and verbs!

Graffiti day was a success! What else could we draw?