Tuesday, April 17, 2012

In the Tall Tall Grass

In the Tall Tall Grass is one of my favorite books. I love anything that starts out with the phrase, "Crunch, Munch, Caterpillars Lunch"! This book is perfect for our preschoolers and I made a super cute craft this year to go with it! Check out my Tall Tall Grass craft!

This idea started from a post I saw on here. I wanted to make a craft with my preschoolers. I think crafts are one of the most wonderful ways to work on speech and language skills!

The kids hid some animals and bugs from the story in their own grass!

First we started with the super long construction paper. I folded them and then drew lines (about 5) to work on cutting (you're welcome OT!)

Then while they were cutting out animals and bugs, I cut a few more lines in their grass (cutting takes a long time when you're three and have fine motor delays!) Next we glued our sentence strip to the top of the page. For friends with more difficulty - we just added the "I see ___." Then we crinkled the grass a bit to make it look more real!

Next we talked about vocabulary while we added animals in our grass. A great opportunity to work on positional concepts, following directions, vocabulary, descriptive concepts, salient features and story telling.

And Voila! Some Tall Tall Grass to take home! We took time to use the sentence strip and describe our grass. We predicted what was in our friends' grass. We even did some inferencing where I gave clues and they named the item in the grass.

I used these pics to make little puppets of each character. We used them during the story and hid them in a bucket of grass (aka Easter Grass!).

Got any ideas for this story? I'm doing The Very Hungry Caterpillar this week in class so I will get you some free downloads for that next week!