Friday, May 3, 2013

Autism Language Learning {app review & giveaway}

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I have a new set of app reviews today, plus a giveaway too! Autism Language Learning is a set of apps developed by speech-language pathologist, Tammy Wynstra-Basel M.S., CCC/SLP.

Autism Language Learning is a set of apps that use video modeling to improve learning.

Series I: This series was designed to target actions and pronouns using video, not still pictures. It consists of 5 modules, arranged in a hierarchy of verb + ing, singular pronouns (he & she) + is + ing,  plural pronoun (they) + are + ing, and mixed singular and plural pronouns + is/are + ing.
This app is also great for targeting simple wh questions (Who is walking? Where are they? What are they doing?), possessive pronouns, and even past tense verbs (wait for the video to stop playing)

Start the app by clicking on one of the modules on the left hand column. The first video will play with a verbal producing of the target (ie: the verb ‘bouncing’). If you don’t want to hear the target, just select mute. To record and hear play back, select the record button. To move to the next video select ‘next’.

There are 12 videos for each of the 4 modules. There is also a mixed setting. The author reports a planned update in the summer of 2013. Other updates include the ability to collect data which is already included on Series II.

In-app purchase option that allows the user to add their own video and voice. ($1.99)

ALL Seris II:
This series uses 43 short video clips and 13 still pictures to help children learn how to answer yes/no questions.

For example, open the actions module. A short video will play and the student will be asked a Yes/No question. 

*3 Modules: Concrete Objects, Actions, & Common Facts
*Randomization of pictures and video (presentation order varies)
*Optional visual prompting
*Data Collection
*Visual depiction of yes or no
*Visual & auditory reinforcement provided after every question

The apps are originally priced at for $26.99 (series I) with an option $1.99 in-app purchase, and $16.99 (series II). Both apps are on sale for the month of May for BSHM!

The apps are very expensive for the amount of videos included. I ran through 12 videos (one module) with a student in 5 minutes. Given that the sets include limited videos, I was very disappointed that the 'add your own video and voice' option is another $2 in-app purchase. For $26 I believe the customizable part of the app should be included. Hopefully Series II will soon have the ability to add your own videos too. 

Pros: This app is the only version I have seen that uses actual videos to elicit skills. I frequently use TenseBuilder to work on action verbs with my older students, but it uses cartoons in videos.  It makes it so much more concrete and meaning for our children with autism, cognitive delays, and attention impairments. Plus they think they're just watching You-tube! 

Check out the lite versions available here to test them out yourself! 

Autism Language Learning I and Autism Language Learning II are available on the itunes store. A copy of each app was provided to complete this review. No other compensation was provided and the opinions expressed are all mine. 

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