Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Lemonade Attributes Game

This sweet and sour lemonade game challenges students to think critically and match 4 attributes with a given object. Each lemonade stand lists an item(16 included). Students work to match a pitcher, spoon, lemon and money for each given item. This can be tricky because there are multiple items that have similar attributes (ie: two fruits). If you loved my Plant Your Garden attribute game, you'll love this one too!

1. Print all pages. Laminate and cut apart all materials.
2. Spread out lemonade stands across the table and divide between students.
3. Have students read the descriptors on the lemonade materials to find the right matches for each stand.

4. Self check each stand by checking for one of each item (lemon, pitcher, spoon, money).
5. As student make matches, consider that a ‘sale’ at their stand! Keep score on the included ‘my sales’ sheet. Student can write 25 cents for each sale or use plastic coins. 

The download includes 16 lemonade stands and 64 matching attributes. You can purchase this 15 page set on TpT here, or you can enter to win it for free below!

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