Thursday, May 9, 2013

Bumparena {a favorite find}

I have been meaning to share this game with you all year. Do you have a go-to therapy game? This is definitely one of my top 5 of the year. My second through fifth graders LOVE it. 

Bumparena is a Cranium Game where 2+ players work to get the most balls into their goal. Students guide the balls into their goal by strategically placing bumpers on the board. 

Students pull cards and follow the directions, adding different bumpers and balls to the board. If you draw a 'release now' card, let all the balls roll and see where they land! 

We used these cards a  lot of different ways. For articulation, the students produced 5 sentences before taking a turn. For language, we paired it with the Expanding Expression Tool. The colors in the game cards are close enough to those in the EET strand.  When I pull a card, the student completes that portion of the EET strand. For example, when they pull a green bumper card, they first identify the category of a given object. 

I love to see the reasoning skills in the students and they love to play with the bouncy balls!

The game was made in 2005 so you might have trouble finding it in store. Luckily you can always find it on Amazon! 

Have you used Bumparena?