Sunday, July 8, 2012

Candy Land Language

Many of you downloaded the Candy Land Articulation Cards! Since you seemed to enjoy them I whipped up some Candy Land Language Cards as well!

 The card games are broken into different game sets. These include (1) irregular verbs, (2) categories (3) antonyms (4) comparatives & superlatives and (5) functions. You can mix and match the games as needed.

The cards contain look a like cards with either one square or two containing a learning target. They also include the 6 special cards.

Each game comes with a title page. I recommend you put them into plastic bags and store them in your game box!

The 6 special cards match my version of the game. There are tons of versions of CandyLand, but your kids should be able to make the connections.
You can purchase the CandyLand Language Cards in my TPT store. Let me know what you think!