Tuesday, July 3, 2012

July 4th Freebie!

Are you dressed in Red, White and Blue today? Happy 4th of July! This summer I'm working in two different speech clinics, giving me the opportunity to work with some awesome SLP's! My friend Katie Schutz had made a book about the 4th of July to use in our Summer Language Group. She is kindly letting me share it with you guys today!

The book as simple sentences that describe typical 4th of July activities (ie: I see fireworks!) and the students can find the matching icons. We used it at circle time and the students took turns finding the matching icon! Katie used velcro to attach the pieces but if you are having a student make their own book you could glue them on! Enjoy!

 Grab the book here. And the icons here.

In the group Emily had her kids make American flags. Didn't they turn out adorable?! What ideas did you use this week?

Happy Fourth of July!