Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Miss Piggy

I've been checking things off my summer to do list! Most of them come from pinterest! I saw this cute upcycled light and thought I could make something similar for therapy!

Meet Miss Piggy. Her name changes depending on the kid using her and their goals! But she has been an instant hit no matter what I call her!

You can make your very own Piggy too! Start with a laundry detergent bottle, plastic eyes, craft fur and a knife. I cut out one side of the pig to allow us to add picture cards or mini items to Miss Piggy.

So far I've had the Pink Pig hanging out in our summer literacy group. Pink Pig has been helping us with phonological awareness skills. Pink Pig's favorite sound is /p/ (of course!) so the kids can only add items that start with that sound! They are getting really good at it. And they think the 'num num' sound that she makes when she eats their cards is hilarious! They ask for it everyday!

I think Miss Piggy will make a great addition to my classroom in the fall!

Have you upcycled anything this summer?