Thursday, July 5, 2012

Guess Who Articulation

Guess Who is a game found in most therapy closets around the country. While Guess Who can be used for many therapy goals independently, one Speech Room News reader Alice Wong sent in an idea for Guess Who Articulation. I used her activity with my students and they enjoyed it! I hope yours will too!

To play, first print new game cards that include your target sound. Alice used Custom Boards to easily make her inserts. To play, make 3 copies of the cards (one for each board and one stack to draw from.) Have each student draw 5 cards from the stack. Students can then ask the other person questions. If your students are younger you might just have them ask for each sound e.g. 'Is it SOCK?' The first person to get all 5 is the winner (in the 1998 version there is a counter up to 5 on the bottom of the game!)

For older students you can have them ask yes/no questions like the original game. This will be a great opportunity to work on language goals simultaneously. Some questions we used were 'Is is a piece of clothing?' 'Is is hot?' 'Is is a type of food?'

 You can grab free copy of her initial /s/ and final /s/ cards using these links! These sizes are compatible with the 1998 version of Guess Who. If you're using a different version the sizes will need to be adjusted.

Alice Wong recently graduated from American River College with an A.S. in Speech Language Pathology. Thanks for sharing Alice!

Have you ever adapted Guess Who?