Monday, July 30, 2012

'In Your Shoes' pragmatic language activity

Hey friends! I'm  loving my Colorado vacation this week. Everybody needs some time away! I had to hop on here and share a new download with you!

The games are called 'In your shoes.' The download includes 3 games: Problem Solving 1 & 2 and Perspective Taking. They feature these cute shoe graphics from KPM doodles.

The problem solving games include social situations that require the student to identify a solution. I use this large graphic in the middle of the table to remind the kids to identify the problem and the solution!

The game cards are tennis shoes with a social problem listed. For example:  A new student came to school today. He’s standing near the lunch line looking nervous.. What could you do? The level one cards are appropriate for students in grades k-4, but depending on developmental level they may work for your older students as well. Level 2 problem solving includes social problems appropriate for students in grades 4-8. For example: Chad wants to play football and be in band. They have practice afterschool at the same time. What should he do?

The perspective taking cards encourage kids to imagine themselves in someone else's shoes! You can use them to open discussion about empathy and making decisions based on others feelings. Theory of mind is such a difficult skill to teach, but it's fun when it clicks! The lack of perspective taking skills can really impact the kids ability to be sensitive to others and identify how others are feeling and reacting in a conversation.

The shoe cards each have a social situation. The students can identify how different people in the situation would feel. For example:  Kennedy and Jordan both had their birthday parties last week and you only went to Kennedy’s. How does Jordan feel?

The games each come with these ' Gum on your Shoes' cards. They can help make the activity seem like more of a game if you need to use them!

If you want to learn more about Perspective Taking head over to Jill's great site!

You can grab the download in my TPT store! Let me know if you use them!