Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Describe with Art {app review & giveaway}

Describe with Art is the latest app developed by the Virtual Speech Center, Inc. The app features art and descriptions.

Get started by selecting START and adding your students. 

Then select the tasks for your students.  The choice of activities includes ‘describe it’, an expressive task, or ‘following directions’ the receptive task. 

For the Describe It task, a picture is shown. Have your student describe what they see (I see pear. A pear is a green fruit.) Then let your students use the 5 prompts below to help them come up with more descriptors. The five question prompts for food include:

What is it?
What kind of food is it?
When do we eat this food?
Describe its appearance (size, color, or shape).
What is the flavor of this food?

The app collects data and lets you record student responses as well.

For the following directions activity, the student is given a direction. Ie: Show me the object that is found in an office, is made of rubber, and erases.  Or Show me the zoo animal with a long trunk and big ears. The student’s data is collected throughout.

Data results can be found in the app, sorted, and emailed.

Like the other VSC apps, the premise of the app, is that the student completes a certain about of tasks before ‘earning’ the reward. Describe with art features the above paint sheet for free drawing. 

Cons: The ‘drawing’ is a bit underwhelming. I would love if it the app perhaps gave the student a simple line drawing to try to copy or was more like a coloring page.

Pros: I love that the app has both receptive and expressive. The app incorporates a lot of language I use regularly in my caseload. 

Describe with Art can be found in the itunes store for $9.99 at the time of publication. 

Disclosure statement: VSC provided this app for review. No other compensation was provided. The opinions are those of the author. 

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