Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Photo Classifying FliPS {product review}

I'm back today with a review of Super Duper's Photo Classifying FLiPS.

Photo Classifying FliPS features five categories of 160 color photos. Each category contains 32 double sided cards. One side contains just the picture, while the opposite side contains the picture with a label.

As you can guess, this set of FLiPS is for more than just classifying! Here's the rundown of what I've tried so far:

- Which doesn't below
- Receptive vocabulary identification
- Fluency at the sentence generation level
- Conditional & Multi-step directions
-Part/whole relationships
-Sentence level articulation
-Comparing and contrasting selected items within and across categories
-Identifying attributes
-WH questions

Pros: Just the act of flipping engaged my student from ages 2 to 8. The photos are very clear and the selected vocabulary is appropriate.

Cons: I wish there were more varieties in the FLiPS set. Five categories is a pretty limited set of stimuli for $45.

Photo Classifying Flips is currently listed at $44.95.

Have you tried this item out? Any other uses for it that I missed?!

Disclosure Statement: This product was provided by Super Duper for review. The opinions expressed are solely mine. No other compensation was provided.