Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Syntax Workout {App Review}

Virtual Speech Center, released a new app last month, entitled Syntax Workout. This syntax app is centered around a Bowling Theme. The kids all love bowling in my room, and I’ve used a lot of bowling games inthe past, making it a great way to get their attention!

Start by adding your student’s name.

Then select their learning targets. The following are included: 3rd person singular vs plural, is/are, was/were, do/does, have/has, subjective pronouns, objective pronouns, possessive pronouns, absolute possessive pronouns, demonstrative pronouns.

Your student will be shown a picture with two choices. Select the right answer and watch the percentages change. You also have the opportunity to record your answer.

Student’s earn the chance to play a bowling game after  a specified amount of trails. The app contains 1500 stimuli, works for multiple players and collects data. 

Cons: When you select two learning targets  (ie: is/are and have/has) your student will need to go through all of one type of question to get to the other. For example all 30 subjective pronouns above, before getting to the is/are prompts. I wish they were mixed. 

Pros: The app lets you select many specifics within skills. For example when working on subjective pronouns, you can select just she/he  or mixed pronouns. There is also a large amount of stimuli, which is exactly what I'm looking for in an app! 

The app is listed at $16.99 in the itunes at the time of this publication. 

Disclosure: The app was provided for the app review. No other compensation was provided and the comments listed are solely the author's.