Sunday, April 21, 2013

12 Earth Day Freebies for Speech and Language

Monday is Earth Day! I didn't have time to make anything this year for Earth Day, so I headed to Teachers Pay Teachers and found some freebies for my students. I linked 12 of my favorite freebies below! All credits go to the original authors, listed by the items! 

Earth Day Sequencing, by Maggie Lewis. This activity focuses on sequencing by different attributes. 

Earth Day Math Freebie by Games 4 Learning. These simple dice games are good reinforcers for articulation groups and while sneaking in some math skills. 

Earth Day Patterns, by D Conway. Make this a game by putting the pattern completion cards in a bucket. Children draw cards and try to find the card they need to complete their patterns. 

Earth Day Word Work, by Sunny Days. Use these vocabulary word worksheets. 

Earth Day Social Problem Solving, by CC. These social problem solving cards will leave with plenty to discuss with your social groups! 

Celebrate Earth Day Reinforcer!, by Simply Speech. This game is perfect for ALL your groups! 

Everyday is Earth Day Game, by Mary Carr. This matching game will help kids identify the best ways to help the environments! 

Earth Day Facts & Task Cards, by Sunny Days. These cards are great conversation starters. 

Earth Day Mini-Unit, by Rachelle Smith. Huge unit with tons of activities!  My favorite is 'Is it a sentence?'

Earth Day Bingo, by Jason's Online Classroom. Bingo is a great way to work on vocabulary with your students! 

Earth Day Craftivity, by The Lesson Plan Diva. This adorable craft can be used for anyone! Great for classifying types of ideas. 

Earth Day Report Card, by Runde's Room. This is a great activity for problem solving! 

I hope you enjoy the items I found! Happy Earth Day!

Edit: I missed this freebie the first time, go check it out!

Miss Speechie: Earth Day Vocabulary Activities