Friday, August 23, 2013

Love It and List It Linky {two}

It's time! The Love It and List It Linky Party is back! This month we're linking up to list our favorite ways to organize. No limits on this one! Organizing materials, files, schedules or whatever!

The Love It & List It Linky will happen on the 3rd Friday each month. Each month I'll throw out a topic. Any and all SLP bloggers are invited. If you want to get involved just share a short list (3-5 items) on the topic! The only requirements are that you write a NEW post and use the Linky Picture above! Then link your post at the bottom of this page (remember that if you link, don't use your general URL, use the specific POST URL)! Easy Peasy! If you don't have your own blog (uh, hello, I know most of you don't :)) just comment to share your OWN list!

The theme for this month is Love It & List It:: Organization. 


I have packets of homework created for common goals. Here's a photo of part of the articulation packets. Here you can see files labeled 'th' packet and vocalic r packet. In these files I have about 30 pages of homework copies. I can put a copy of the packet in their working folder and just pull off a sheet each week. 


You always ask how I organize my TpT files! Here ya go! First I have season activities in these crates. I keep packets in ziplock bags and store them in hanging files in crates. When I'm using them I pull them out and keep them by my desk. The set you're looking at is the Thanksgiving Bundle!

Here are the crates! 


I keep some items stored in tubs. This tub is full of adapted books. Ready for grab and go! 


I use a shoe rack for a fun decks and cards. 


I use a hanging file holder to store these sound packets (amazon affiliate link below.) These are copies from Mommy Speech Therapy. I have sound packets made up for each sound. The kids can grab the packet before they sit down. This is how we do 'drill days'. 

I have the pockets hanging over a door with these extenders. 

So that's it! Five quick ways I LOVE to organize! Now you go - and LIST it! Link up below! 

And here is a sneak peek for next month! Plan ahead! 

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