Sunday, August 18, 2013

Reading Dinosaurs!

After Camping Week in our literacy group, over the summer we moved on to Dinosaur Week! We've had a LOT of reading Dinos that week. Here is a peek. ((amazon affiliate links are included for your convenience))

We started with this app called Picture Me As A Dinosaur. 

The app  is intended for children ages 2-5, but my 5-8 year olds thought it was hilarious! 

I was able to add up to 8 pictures (a picture of each child in the group) and then the app read the book to us. The kids were cracking up. I wish I could show THEM as dinosaurs but you'll have to settle with just me! 

We also did these free alphabet matching puzzles on the ipad. 

We brainstormed on some dinosaur feet! We brainstormed /b/ and /t/ words. 

Meghan made a dinosaur book featuring color sentences! 

Our amazing office manager Suzy made these Dino Fossil Brownies! I loved them! We broke the brownies in half to find the fossils inside. 

We did Dot-to-Dot ABC puzzles. You can find those on the  Make Learning Fun page. 

We matched upper/lower case letters with a little help from Mr. Sean. Download that item for free here

Meghan made these adorable dinosaur crafts! 

And these were my two favorite books! 

I didn't get picture of everything we did, but here are a few more freebie downloads we used.

Dinosaur Sight Word Game


A sound matching game

What books or resource do you use for dinosaur week?