Saturday, August 31, 2013

Speech Spotlight: AFV SLP

Today's Speech Spotlight is featuring Karen from Adaptable, Flexible, Versatile Speech-Language Therapy. 

Karen says that she tends to find ideas and try to adapt them to fit any kid's needs. 

She also had some great freebies on her blog. I loved this football one because it's quite seasonal! You could easily use it with your chipper chat magnets and wands or with dry erase markers! 

Her other freebies include Pinky and Stinky game and Scooby Snacks 

Karen is am also compiling and creating volumes of artic words that are a little more complex than your out of the box type that SLP publishers sell. Volume I is L and R, Volume II is S and Z, Volume III is SH, CH, J, TH. She says, "These carefully selected words have turbo boosted some of my artic students into graduation from speech! A volume IV will be coming in the future. These volumes are available for a small donation."

Karen says she is also prepping for her first graduate student's clinical practicum. She is really looking forward to this new experience, and any advice from seasoned supervisors is welcomed!

Go check our Karen's blog today! If you'd like to be featured please share you blog or tpt store information in the application at the top of the page!