Thursday, June 28, 2012

Articulation Box

This month the UPS guy and I have become really good buddies. He has been visiting my front door a lot, bringing therapy materials to test out and review for you! Today I've got something fun, that you might not have seen before!

The Articulation Box is made my Primary Concepts. They provided me with a copy of this item to review. They also gave me a copy for one lucky reader!

The Articulation Box contains 130 miniature objects targeting early developing speech sounds.

The objects are divided into initial, medial and final positions for the following sounds: /b,p,d,f,g,h,ng,k,l,m,n,j).  

The Pros: Tangible items are significantly more fun than articulation flashcards! The uses for these items are pretty much endless! This week I worked with a client working on getting bilabial lip closure for /b/. I put all the /b/ items into the sand bucket (from Target dollar spot!) and let her use the shovel to select items. I think we will stick them into my Ned's Head game next!

The Cons: If I had to chance to made additions to this item it would be increasing the number of sounds. These sounds are ideal for preschool populations, but I would love to see the addition of other sounds. In the meantime I've been collecting little items to make my own /r/ and /s/ boxes! I used some of the items in this box that were labeled for other sounds ie: took 'peas, pants, pencil' out of the /p/ bag into my /s/ bag for now!

Luckily the product comes with a sheet detailing the items for each sound and in each position. That makes it easy to find sounds you need. It also helped me go through and pull out multi-syllabic words quickly for a child! The possibilities are endless!

The Articulation Box sells currently listed for $69.00. Primary Concepts is going to give one of you a copy for free!! Just enter below!

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